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The Wedding Chapel

All outdoors, surrounded by trees and lavender, join together in holy matrimony under the Texas blue sky.

Your closest friends and family all sit under the wooden wedding pavilion as you and the love of your life hold hands under the little chapel.

At the end of service, ring the wedding bell to signify the undying love and eternal promises you’ve just made.

The rustic venue makes for an unforgettable setting for an equally unforgettable moment.

Wedding Packages:

Sweet & Simple Wedding Package: $1,250

You get unlimited use of our outdoor chapel, pavilion, and meadow for up to eight hours1. You, your wedding party, and photographer have access to take as many pictures as you’d like anywhere on the property2. Set up and decorate the evening or morning before, depending on the time of your wedding.

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Princess Wedding Package: $1,475

Everything included in the Sweet & Simple Package, but you also get exclusive use of our Events field for your reception for the duration of your wedding1.

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Fairy Tale Wedding Package: $1,625

Everything included in the Sweet & Simple and Princess Packages, but you also get your first honeymoon night stay in our romantic Majestic Oak Treehouse3.

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Additional add-ons to your packages:

Picture Perfect Package: $150

You, your wedding party, and photographer have access to take as many pictures as you’d like anywhere on the property2 for up to four hours any day leading up to your wedding. Bring props, changes of clothes, etc. and create memories prior to your wedding that you can share for years to come.

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Wedding Prep: Included

We want your wedding to be an absolute hit and something everyone will remember, so we want to encourage you to meet with your caterer and other vendors for up to an hour on the farm prior to the wedding to map out the best locations for food, tents, cake, take measurements, plan lighting, signage, etc.

1. Additional hours can be purchased for $50 an hour.
2. Subject to availability of the venues.
3. Additional nights can be purchased at posted price and are subject to availability. Additional fee to substitute Bare Creek Hollow treehouse.

* Pricing as of: October 2018

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General Information


When booking your big day, we ask for a 30% deposit of the total amount to hold the venue and destinations. We will also ask for a $250 deposit to cover damage and clean-up, which is fully refundable once your event is complete. The remainder of the amount is due 30 days prior to your wedding day. You are also welcome to split the remainder into smaller payments and contact us periodically at no additional cost to you, which may help in budgeting.

Cancellation Policy

We hope this doesn’t happen, but if you need to cancel your date with us, you can do so and receive a full refund on your deposits as long as it happens within 30 days of paying your deposit.

Timing of your Wedding

We want this to be a day you will remember for the rest of your life (for the right reasons) and we want to give you every opportunity to achieve that success:

Wrap-up by or Around Dusk: Your wedding can begin and end based on how you design it, however it gets dark on the farm once the sun sets and because it is an outdoor venue, we require that your event wraps up by dusk. We'll work with you on a more specific time, once we know more about your special day.

A Hard Stop: Because sound travels well in the evening air and your event will be outdoors, we require that all music and amplified sound stop by no later than 10pm.


While we do everything we can to ensure the safety of your guests, we want your special day to be as worry free as possible and because things can sometimes have a way of going wrong, we'd ask that you make sure your insurance, a gap or temporary policy, is purchased and in place to provide coverage for your guests and vendors before they arrive, so your perfect day remains perfect.

Serving Alcohol

If alcohol will be served at your event, you, your wedding party, and guests are solely responsible for the care and administration of any and all limits to consumption and use, either before, during, or after your event.

Interaction With Life While On The Farm

You, your wedding party, and your guests will be interacting with living entities on our farm, such as our trees, lavender, herbs, animals, etc., and expect the same love, tenderness, and care toward these things as we provide them ourselves. Harming or abusing any of these could mean immediate financial and legal penalties and possibly expulsion from our farm for the offender(s).


You will be exclusively and financially responsible for any damage or injury caused during your event. In addition to the 30% deposit required when booking your wedding, we require a refundable $250 deposit to cover any damage or clean-up.

Before, During, and After Your Event

We expect your help in enforcing the following in terms of guest access to our property serving Savannah's Meadow and your event:

Property Access: Unless previously arranged and agreed to, none of your guests may randomly tour the property, treehouses, or other venues, or make use of any of the property that hasn’t been specifically reserved and designated for your wedding.

Driving on the Property: We'd ask that you, your wedding party, and guests move vehicles as slow as possible in order to avoid accidents with both people and animals. "Slower Than Five" is a great way to communicate this to everyone.

Treehouse Access: Treehouse access is specifically limited to the wedding party only and is not open to any guest.

Our Private Space: We’re not trying to be unfriendly, but in addition to working on the farm, we also live here, so unless we’ve invited you, your wedding party, or guests into our private living spaces, we’d ask for respect in maintaining these areas.

Clean-up: You or someone you designate will be responsible for removing decorations, trash, and other materials that were brought on premise or left by your guests and wedding party in support of and while attending your event. We’re happy to accept donations of specific signage and other materials such as lighting, tents, hay bales, etc., so ask before you throw away! In addition to the 30% deposit required when booking your wedding, we require a refundable $250 deposit to cover any damage or clean-up.

Unexpected Sleep-Overs: Unless previously arranged and agreed to, none of your guests may stay on the property once your event is complete.

Bad Weather

In the event of rain or other bad weather that prevents you from having your event, we are happy to work with you to shift dates to accommodate a day and time, which works with your schedule, knowing that one or both fields could take between one-to-two weeks to completely dry out from date of last rain. Please understand that while we will do everything we can to accommodate a secondary date, we cannot ask another party to move a competing date.


Included with any of our wedding packages, is the opportunity for you to meet with your caterer, photographer, and other vendors on the property prior to your wedding so they can plan how best to serve your needs. This is also a great time for you to take measurements, plan seating and tables, think through signage, and plan parking and transportation. Simply call or email us to arrange a date/time that works with you, so we can make sure of availability.

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